Hi. I'm Greg.

I'm a Composer, Audio Engineer, Lighting Technician & Video VFX Artist and Editor. Please see my work below.

Learn about what I do

I like to work with sound and light.

Besides graphic design, i like to specialise in the following fields:

Music Video & Cinematography

Services offered: Music Videos, Commercials, 3D & Compositing, Video Editing & Graphic Design.
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Audio Engineering & Composition

From short film scoring, to on stage intro's and remixes, i also offer mixing and production services.
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Stage & Band Lighting

As a stage lighting director i can make your band go from having a gig, to having a fully lit and designed stage show.
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My current projects


Vokta digital media & Music Videos.
I am the Co-Owner & Designer for Digital Media Agency www.vokta.com. Specialising in Digital media for Bands, Artists & Retail Outletts as well asTV & Print Advertising.

Viral Millennium

My current touring band; Combining heavy hitting metal with epic symphonic orchestras and the best of melodic industrial synthetics. Debut Album Vomitosis Released 2013. Viral Millennium is currently touring Australia

Lights In Production

I have worked as a lighting designer and technician with the following bands: Combichrist (US), Hanzel Und Gretyl (US), Warbringer (US), S-Club (UK), Megahera (IT) 28 Days, Viral Millennium, and hundreds more bands.

Skills & Expertise

I have a high level of skill in most Audio, Video & Creative software, to outline my highlights you can see the bars below.
FL Studio
NI Komplete
Ableton Live
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
Final Cut Pro X
Sony Vegas
Rest of CS
Microsoft Office

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I am based in Newcastle Australia.